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Project Description
This article shows how to implement a class that enables a modal display of any UserControl derived control.

My first implementation of ModalControl class required that you derive your controls from it in order for them to be displayed
modally. That works very well, and it is the most complete and easy to use implementation. But, Expression Blend designer window
does not display controls that are not derived directly from UserControl, so we lose all the nice design features of Blend.

That made me think how else I could achieve the same behaviour without losing designing with Blend.
After some thinking, I realised that aggregation must be the solution.

Features of the ModalControl Class
•Modal display of any UserControl derived control
•Dragging of the hosted control
•Centering the hosted control when the browser is resized
•Hosted control is prevented from being dragged outside the browser's window

Original publication may be found here Modal Window in Silverlight

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